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Welcome to,llc. We are the Leading Vector Arms Firearms Dealer/Distributor in the USA.  We specialize in their Exclusive products, and carry their entire line.  Please browse the site and feel free to call Chuck at 305-923-6560 anytime for help, Thanks for looking! 

All Vector Arms guns ship Free to the Lower 48 states. Others please call for shipping quotes to your local dealer.

This page is dedicated to Semi Auto Uzi’s for sale. Kellyenterprises has some exclusive Custom Uzi Firearms packages you won't find anywhere else.  Please click on Product Details on each listing, Thumbnail pics will Enlarge when clicked upon. All guns are new in box unless stated otherwise. We carry Semi Auto Fullsize Uzi's and Mini Uzi Firearms at this time. We are the Factory Authorized distributor for thier new in box Class 3 weapons, including SBR's, AOW'S and Post Sample SMG's. We do offer Post Sample SMG's to quailifing LE Agencies Only. All NFA Rules Apply to all Class 3 Weapons.

Finishes and Specials

There are 3 different firearms finishes available, standard Parkerized,  Limited Solid Stainless Steel, and a Custom Black Duracoat finish, (our exclusive). We have Rifles, Pistols, SBR's and AOW's for sale to the public. We are including extra mags & slings,while supplies last. 

Milspec & Reproduced Parts

These Uzi* Firearms are an IMI model A copy,and as such use many of the same Milsec parts. Some parts had to be reproduced in the USA, as they are no longer available. Read the “Vector Arms Uzi History" tab at the top of this page, that will give you background info on our Uzi products. We take pride in our Uzi line, and work hard at continuing to produce the only MilSpec Uzi available.  Full auto Uzi SMG's are no longer available to the general public, as we are sold out of all transferable Uzi receivers.

*UZI is a registered trademake of IWI ISRAEL,and is used here only as a referance to a style of weapon, and does not appear on any Vector Arms weapons. Vector Arms is not affiliated with IWI in any way.

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Free Shipping as on all Vector Arms products!


New Vector Arms Mini Uzi 45acp or 9mm SBR with folding stock. We...

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