Advanced Armament Corp.

This page is dedicated to Top Quality Bolt Action Tactical Rifles from various manufacturers. This is just a small sample of the weopns that are available , Feel free to email with any requests for items not listed. Be sure to include Manufacturer and Model number of the item, I will reply asap with availability and a price quote.

Advanced Armament Corp currently manufactures the new AAC 300 Blackout Rifle. This is the future of the ar15 platform, offering ammunition from 115 grain supersonic to 220 grain subsonic ammo with many other weights in between, while still using standard .223/.556 mags and bolt heads. Making this round one of the most versitile AR15 rounds ever made. See some of their products below.

Advanced Armament Corp. Micro 7 300BLK 16in Bolt-Action Rifle with...