Kellyenterprises / Omega KE-94 'F" 9MM Pistol Pkg. w/RCM Barrels and Internals

These are No Longer made, We can help you with other models, call for details, thanks for looking!
Kellyenterprises/Omega KE-94 "F" PISTOL w/RCM Barrels and Internals. These are 100% new guns built with new RCM parts. All guns come with 1 New HK 30rd German made mag, 1 new Assault case, And 1 Promag HK clipped sling, WITH free shipping and 2yr warranty. These firearms are "Sear Ready" and will accept a Registered ATF Full Auto Sear and run Full Auto without modification. I Personally QC & Test Fire each gun for accuracy and function with 115gr and 124 gr ammo before it leaves my shop! These can be made into an SBR as this gun is already 100% 922r compliant! Call Chuck 305 923 6560 anytime for details and to place your order.

 These are No Longer made, We can help you with other models, call for details, thanks for looking!


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To Place an Order Call Chuck 305-923-6560,  7 days a week from 9am-9pm EST.

HK94/MP5 by Kellyenterprises/Omega. This KE-94 RCM Pistol and is only available here at Each gun is Quality Checked and test fired at the local range for Accuracy and Function by me when the arrive. The guns are tested with 124 grain and 115 grain 9mm ammunition. Only after passing all the quality checks will they be passed on to the customer. These guns are built correctly and will not require a break in period to run perfectly with standard quality ammunition.

If you look around, there are plenty of 94/MP5 Style guns on the market, Some new from HK licensed mfg's and some US made, But, if you look up the specs on almost all of them you will find they are being built on either new or used older style Action 3 parts sets. We are only using the current upgraded 2015 HK "F" Series parts sets from RCM on our 94/MP5 Builds. These guns are a very high quaility build using only the best RCM USA and HK Milspec parts available.

They start with New LSC Gen 3 upper receiver flats that are rolled and welded in house at Omega. To offer the best USA made 922 compliant HK94/MP5 Style Firearms we are using New RCM "F" style MP5k Parts made here in the USA. Included is a New RCM MP5 Navy Threaded / Trilug Cold Hammer Forged Barrel w/thread protectors, The New RCM "F" Style MP5 Carriers and Bolt Heads, a New RCM MP5 100 degree locking piece, a New RCM MP5 Trunion, a New RCM MP5 Extractor, and a New RCM MP5 Front site. All the RCM Parts 100% New and are to current or above current 2015 HK Military specs. Make no mistake, this is a New gun.

RCM (Rim Country Machine) makes HK Milspec Parts to exacting tolerances and are widely know as the best Milspec H&K parts made in the USA. All the latest "F" series MP5 Internals are Sear Ready and built for sustained Full Auto fire. All that is needed is a Registered ATF HK Auto sear to be installed and these guns will run Full Auto without any modification. Others in the market charge over $3000 for a gun made with the same internals. We buy parts in large quanity and as such can offer these guns at a deep discount from other Mfg's.

These KE94 Series Firearms are some of the best made 94/MP5's on the market and will give you years of trouble free service at the best price possible of ANY similar gun in the marketplace today. The rest of the Internal Parts will be new HK MP5 Milspec Parts. We will use New HK Spec Cocking Tubes along with NEW HK SEF date coded Lowers. This gun will come with a Choate End Cap w/Sling mounts and MP5K handguard and the correct MP5 Front and Rear Sights. The Gun will be Parkerized first, then finished with a baked on Chip resistant Epoxy Matte Black Finish on the inside and outside of each gun, Most mfg's only paint the outside.

Each gun will be Laser bore sighted during the build and extensively factory test fired in Full and Semi Auto modes before it leaves their shop. These will be a perfect host for your HK Full Auto Sears or an SBR or Armbrace Pistol Conversion. We believe that this unit will fill a void that exists in the High Quality HK Style 94 market today at a reasonable price point.

This 94/MP5 version allows you to install any typical MP5 rear stock, Including Para Telesocks, Choat Side Folders, and Polymer Full Stocks when you do an SBR Conversion. The KE-94k / MP5k pistol we produce will be similar to an SP89 but with a full auto bolt carrier and Navy barrels and are also sear ready. We are also making the KE 94RS Pistols, these are like the 94K, but will accept all the 94/mp5 rear stocks.  All these 94/MP5 Series guns will be Sear Ready for your ATF Registered Full Auto Sears, and 100% 922 compliant for an SBR conversion.

This gun is 100% 922 Compliant. Comes with 1 New HK GERMANY 30rd mag, 1 Quality Range Bag, 1 Promag Sling w/HK style snap clips, free shipping and a 5 year factory warranty. We are Proud to post all of the parts our guns are made from. We believe you should know exactly what you are buying.

Contact Chuck 305 923 6560 anytime 7 days a week to place an order or if you have any questions or need any help with your purchase. WE ARE TAKING ORDERS FROM 9AM-9PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR! Gun is NIB, w/Factory Warranty. We are Kellyenterprises net llc, an FFL/CL3/SOT in Florida. CALL CHUCK 305-923-6560 ANYTIME FOR MORE DETAILS! Only Florida residents pay 7.5% sales tax. **** Add 3% for credit card payment *** We do accept Cashiers checks and money orders also. ***Sales and Shipping to lower 48 only where legal on this item. All others must get shipping quote before you buy, thanks.***Contact is Chuck Malta 1107 Key Plaza #401 Key West Florida 33040, EMAIL , CELL  305-923-6560 Sales 9-9 daily,  FAX 305-517-6524

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