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Kellyenterprises / Omega KE-94 'F" 9MM Pistol Pkg. w/RCM Barrels and Internals

These are No Longer made, We can help you with other models, call for details, thanks for looking! Kellyenterprises/Omega KE-94 "F" PISTOL w/RCM Barrels and Internals. These are 100% new guns built with new RCM parts. All guns come with 1 New HK 30rd German made mag, 1 new Assault case, And 1 Promag HK clipped sling, WITH free shipping and 2yr warranty. These firearms are "Sear Ready" and will accept a Registered ATF Full Auto Sear and run Full Auto without modification. I Personally QC & Test Fire each gun for accuracy and function with 115gr and 124 gr ammo before it leaves my shop! These can be made into an SBR as this gun is already 100% 922r compliant! Call Chuck 305 923 6560 anytime for details and to place your order.
HK 94/MP5 by Kellyenterprises is a KE 94 Pistol in 9mm

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