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KNIGHTS ARMAMENT SR15 AMBI LOWER RECEIVER W/ NEW MAGPUL SL-S REAR STOCK, AND 4.5 MATCH TRIGGER AS ON ALL KAC LOWERS. These are the new replacement for the older Sopmod stocks, CONSECUTIVE NUMBERS AVAILABLE. All the Short Barrel uppers less than 16" come with a Black H2 buffer. Make sure to use this buffer in any AR15 lower so the gun functions properly with the shorter barrel. I cannot and will not sell an upper and a lower with a stock on it. That is an illegal SBR! All the SR15, SR30 and SR25 Lowers with Brace and 30rd mag are available as PISTOL KITS, And is what comes with the pistols we sell. Each lower Leaves Knights as a LOWER RECIEVER ONLY! IT IS NOT A PISTOL OR RIFLE, ITS A LOWER RECEIVER AND YOU MUST USE THE "OTHER" BOX ON THE ATF 4473. THEN YOU CAN LEGALLY MAKE A PISTOL OR RIFLE, YOUR CHOICE. ***ALL NFA RULES APPLY*** PLEASE READ....More Coming for Sure,  BUT NO ETA OR UPDATES FROM KNIGHTS! (THEY SEND EM AS THEY MAKE EM) You can Email    INCLUDE: Your Name & Your Cell Phone Number, & The Exact Models You Want And I'll put You on the "LIST."   I'll do my best, No Guarantees , You just have to wait it out. There is NO ETA or UPDATES FROM KNIGHTS!  I'll Text your Cell as soon as one Arrives for Your Order!  Just Reply Right Away as they go fast!  We are receiving KAC products constantly! All KAC Products on my site are on Order!  Constantly asking "WHEN ITS COMING" is not helpful, Please be Patient I'll do what I can. $849 + $49 shipping w/ins, $899 total on a Card with Full Insurance to your dealer. These are 100% completed Knight's SR15 lower receivers NIB, w/Factory Warranty, and are registered as receivers only, you can make a pistol, rifle, or (SBR out of them. ALL NFA RULES APPLY.) They come with the new ambi controls and Knights 4.5 lb match grade trigger and the NEW MAGPUL SL-S STOCK as on all the Knight's SR15 rifles and Lowers, and ship as a RECEIVER ONLY! These would

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